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The Best Way To Get More For your Claim.

Connect. Strategize. Maximize.

Connect With Us. We strategize to maximize your claim settlement.

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Advocate Claims Services' public adjusters are the insurance industry's best-kept secret.  We are here to help you maximize your claim. To help you navigate through the complex claims process.

Do not let them mislead you; the insurance adjuster works for the insurance company - NOT for you! They want to pay as little on your insurance claim as necessary.  The less they pay, the bigger their bonus.  We are local public adjusters and we work for YOU - to put money back into your pocket to rebuild property properly! 

As a client of Advocate Claims Services, we are here to make sure you are not taken advantage of; protecting you is our commitment. 


The insurance world can be difficult to understand and with out the proper knowledge and understanding; it is very easy for example, to misunderstand a question and answer incorrectly, potentially posing problems throughout the process. Accidentally misspoken words to the insurance company will be used against you in their favor, not allowing you to reach the best financial settlement possible. Fighting this battle alone isn’t always best. The insurance company will use whatever leverage they can against you, that is why hiring ACS’s trained and skilled professionals will benefit you in the end. 

  • Residential Claims

  • Commercial Claims

  • Water Claims

  • ​Hurricane Claims

  • ​Tornado Claims

  • Fire Claim​

  • Appraisals​

  • ​Consulting 

  • and More!


Have you asked yourself the question, why should I hire a public adjuster? We're sure that many have and you're not alone!
Advocate Claims Services is a disaster recovery consulting company. Hiring an Advocate Claims public adjuster will help maximize your insurance claim. Not only will you have an insurance claims expert on your side, you will have a team of professionals (public adjusters, estimators, loss consultants, and appraisers) fighting to get you what you really are entitled to. ​

​Top Reasons Why You Should Hire 
Advocate Claims Services!

1. We will work for you!

2. We will use our skills of negotiating to get you
back to pre-loss conditions!

3. Call us anytime with your new claim. Available 24/7 for emergency response!

4. We don't get paid unless you do! 

5. We exclusively represent YOU not the insurance company!

We have a 125,000 sq. foot manufacturing facility, and had our first claim in over 25 years. Our insurance company was very difficult to work with, so we hired ACS to help facilitate the claim. Hiring ACS allowed us to focus on running our business, and their team did a tremendous job handling the claim. It was a seamless and professional process, and we received much more than the initial offer from our insurance company. 
-Whitlam Label Company - Center Line, MI


Our claim was a fire claim. Everything was destroyed either by the fire, smoke, or water that was used to put the fire out. No one was hurt, thank God! However, we lost everything and didn't know where to go or what to do...READ MORE.
-Teresa P. & Family - Canton, MI 

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