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Many policyholders just like you asked the same questions: Will I recover enough to rebuild? How do I estimate my loss? Can I do this myself? Can my claim get denied? All your uncertainty can be a thing of the past with the professional assistance of our public adjusters.

Knowledge is leverage! ACS public adjusters know the "ins" and "outs" of the insurance companies, giving our clients an advantage to great insurance claim settlements. Our public adjusters are experts on property loss adjustment who are retained by policyholders to assist in preparing, filing, and adjusting insurance claims. We are exclusively employed, by our clients and not the insurance company. We manage every detail of the insurance claim. We work closely with the clients to provide the most equitable and prompt settlement possible.  It is best to contact us immediately so we may, inspect the loss site immediately, analyze the damages, assemble claim support data, review the coverage policy, and determine current replacement costs. Your public adjuster will keep you informed every step of the way. 

Think about this: you hire doctors when you're sick. You hire attorneys when you have legal issues. You hire accountants to handle your books or file your taxes. Why would you hesitate to hire a claims professional to represent you in the submission of your claim?

• A note of caution: Cash checks from your insurance company carefully. Make sure that you are not signing away any rights by cashing the check. If the check has a notation that it is ‘payment in full’ (when it isn’t) or that by cashing the check, the policyholder waives any rights, don’t cash it until you understand the consequences. It's best to contact us before you cash the check even if you're not our client!

Emergency Response:

  • Immediate on location inspection

  • Assessment of damages

  • Thorough analyzation of insurance policy

  • Fill out proper documentation

  • Report damages to insurance company

  • Request necessary advancement


  • Preparation of the insurance claim and documentation

  • Meet with the insurance company adjuster or representative to go over damages

  • Inspection with our contents estimator

  • Prepare necessary estimates and documents

  • Attend all meeting with insurance adjuster or representative


  • Submit all necessary documentation to settlement insurance claim

  • Keep our client informed every step of the way

  • See that all final payments and adjustment are made


In the event of a fire, time is of the essence! Take pictures/videos of your home immediately! Often time damage is severe and the insurance claim process is quite intense. Proper evaluation of your home are necessary, our public adjusters will take additional pictures, take inventory of loss your losses, prepare an estimate of damages, assist you in finding temporary living if needed. If you are living in a temporary home, gather and keep all your receipts. If you or someone in your household has allergies or asthma, alert your public adjuster right away! It is important that all necessary measures are taken to get you fully reimbursed for your damages and content loss. Without expert help, there is a good chance damages, losses and expenses are overlooked thus reducing the amount of your settlement. Allow our team of experts to handle the insurance claim process for you, so that you can get a head start of on the fire restoration process and help you get a financial recovery amount you're really entitled to!

Our public adjusters will thoroughly inspect the following areas in your home:

  • Structural Wood, Steel, Iron

  • Interior Walls/Framing

  • Roof

  • Windows

  • Plumbing and Heating Systems

  • Siding, Concrete and Stucco


Residential Fires
Kitchen Fires
Chimney Fires
Fire Exposure from your Neighbor's House
Electrical Fires
Cooking Appliances
Heater Malfunctions
Cooking Fires

Accidental Fires (Child mihaps, cigarettes, etc.)
Near Total Loss Fires
Rental Apartment Fires
Grease Fires
Condominium Fires
Barbeque Fires
Fires caused from Lightening 
Brush Fires
Smoke Damage
and more...


Water damage is very common. Water damage, mold damage, and flood damage are some of the most common reason people make insurance claims on their home insurance. It can be the result of a severe rain storm, pipe burst, other plumbing malfunctions, heater water leaks, and more can cause damage to your ceilings, hardwood floors, carpets, and personal belongings. Water damage insurance claims can be tricky to assess. Advocate Claims' public adjusters have knowledge of proper constructions methods and proper clean up methods. Our public adjusters will develop a detailed line by line estimate of the damages and have a complete inspection done of your home to assess all damages. Mold can be a result of the water damage that occurred in your home. It can be very dangerous to you and your family. Assistance from an Advocate Claims public adjuster with experience can help resolve all mold and water issues, most importantly make sure your family's health and living conditions are safe! Notify us if you or anyone is your home has asthma or allergies! Advocate Claims public adjusters have experience, resources, are detached emotionally and will walk you through all necessary steps. More importantly, we are your advocates when negotiating with your insurance company, allowing us to redeem the money you are really entitled to! Advocate Claims Services can change your stress levels due to the insurance claim. Call Advocate Claims and you will receive more knowledge, power, control, results and MORE MONEY! 



Basement Flood
Pipe Burst
Storm Damage

Hurricane Damage
Kitchen Dishwasher
Washing Machine
Toilet Back-up
Roof Leak
and more...

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